The Plan

I leave Sunday for Hawaii, then on Thursday continue to Seoul overnight, final destination Manila.  John and Virginia Haskell arrive about 12 hours later in Manila.  Virginia is pretty sure I can’t get a taxi to whereever I will be staying so plans to have her nephew meet me at the airport for the 30 minute ride to “The Fort” whatever that is, but apparently I will be safe there. Now I just have to pack. I think the simplest way to do that is to not take anything and just buy what I need there.  So that is my plan.

Getting Ready

In three weeks I plan to be on the road, or more correctly, in the air.  But I don’t know my destination yet.  It is a good metaphor, as I really don’t have a clue what I am doing.

Stefon (I don’t know his last name, hmmm, should probably find that out) will be renting the back room in the house to make sure the furnace stays running and so Linus has someone to boss around.  He will move in November 30th.   Eric Gebhart has moved into the apartment downstairs for backup.  Eric grew up with my nephew Brett and Stefon is a 48 year old doctoral student in anthropology at UAF, originally from Austria.  They both look reliable and I am very comfortable with the house and Linus being in good hands.

But I really do have to figure out where to go now.  The Atlas lays on the couch and I study the continents every night.  The southern hemisphere seems reasonable given the time of year.  Argentina is attractive, and Argentine Tango lessons beckon.  But there is some unrest there, a big demonstration in Buenos Aires, protesting amoung other things the high level of violent crimes.  The media loves to inflate the facts a bit, but still.  The J Boat school in Puerto Vallarta would be blast, and a four hour drive to see Serge in Guadalajara as long as I didn’t get hijaked by some drug lords, or just caught in the crossfire.   Alternatively, there are some direct flights out of Anchorage on Atlas I believe to Hong Kong and that might be a nice jump seat opportunity.  From there, I have couchsurfing friends Jenny and Pei living in nearby Taipei.  Than an easy hop to Singapore.  Or the Philippines where John and Virginia Haskell will be visiting Virginia’s family in December and January.  They invited me to go with them a couple of years ago but no time.  And then maybe the railroad up the Malaysian penninsula to Bangkok.   It all sounds a bit crazy sitting here in the cold and dark in Alaska.  Now that I have the “Bad Girl” in the garage putting her Blizzack shoes on, I could drive her back down the road — or better take the ferry like I intended on the way up — and tour around the US, visit Steve in Bellingham, Joe and Gail on the Olympic Penninsula, Taija and Rachel in San Francisco and Las Vegas, maybe even go to the eastcoast and visit Caitlin and Pattie.  Too much cold and snow to visit Wisconsin.

The Fairbanks forecast says -30F tonight, that should sharpen my focus.